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Marble-Mac Buying Club Privacy Policy

At Marble-Mac, we want you to feel comfortable shopping in our online store. Because of this,
we will never do anything to compromise your privacy, and we Guarantee the following:
  • We will NEVER sell, trade, or share your name, address, e-mail, or any other information whatsoever with any other company or individual.
  • We will NEVER send you unsolicited mail, emails, or any other advertising materials.
  • We will NEVER put your name on a mailing list unless you agree to it.

Whether you order something through one of our staff over the phone, or if you do it online,
only your contact information (such as your name, address and telephone) is stored by us in a
secured database. This gives us the ability to make your buying experience easier the next time
you shop with us. Your information is secure and private with us.